We assist you in fortifying your business strategies. Corporate and organizational success requires stable economies, and healthy, skilled and educated workers, among other factors.

Sustainable companies experience increased brand trust and investor support.

Global Compact’s international benefits

• Unprecedented networking access with UN Global Compact participants – representing nearly every industry sector and size, in over 160 countries
Access to partnerships with a range of stakeholders – to share best practices and emerging solutions
• Best practice guidance – built on 15 years of successes
• Tools, resources and trainings
• Local Network support in 85 countries
• The moral authority, knowledge and experience of the United Nations – We’re your guide every step of the way. We’ll help you commit to, assess, define, implement, measure and communicate your sustainability strategy. With the help of the UNGC, you can make a difference across four core areas: human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Global Compact Network Lebanon’s national benefits
  • Access to a cross-section platform that allows a wide range of opportunities for networking, collaboration and partnership between the public sector, private sector and civil society
  • Visibility on the local and UN Global Compact websites. You will also be able to use the “We Support the UN Global Compact logo”
  • Opportunities to learn about best practices from international as well as local successful organizations that will help you solve waste, labor, and social issues
  • Access and engagement in panel discussions, in which network participants can showcase their work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten UNGC Principles
  • Access to a pool of like-minded network members, organizational representatives and network staff that will assist you in reporting on sustainability (COP/COE)
  • Improved morale and productivity of employees through the opportunity to showcase commitment to high values and practices, which have been shown to help attract/retain talent
  • Potential access to GCNL’s Steering Committee and involvement in setting the activity plan and priorities of the GCNL for upcoming years
  • Opportunities to be involved/lead a project by the GCNL and push it forward nationally
  • Elections to GCNL Steering Committee happen once every two years at the Spring General Assembly