USJ has 3 institution-wide programs that relate to the SDGs: Green University, Inclusive University and Tobacco free University.
There are various programs, courses, researches, national and international collaboration, students club, and volunteering units that relate with the different SDGs. Some examples:
54 Research centers and units (
140 courses offered on religions, ethics and civic engagement.
7 health and well-being centers for the community (
A Chair in Education for Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEEDD) that offers training and specific activities related to inclusion and equitability and the Chair UNESCO for religion, mediation and integration: Childs protection program, Observatory of childhood protection. Research list.
Universite pour Tous: Education for all center (
Programs for People with special needs, Cooking courses for blind people
Professional Mediation Center (
33 students’ club (
32 volunteering units (
288 agreements for projects (

Our CSR Activities

USJ developed a five axes strategy for its CSR activities amidst the current situation in Lebanon:
1- Research and public debates: Various researchers took the lead in analyzing and presenting public discussions around the current situation and the challenges of the reforms required. (,
2- Youth empowerment: USJ organized various gatherings and training around the role of youth in change. Many USJ professors were present in tents around the country to empower the youth and guide them (
3- Support system: USJ offered various training about how to cope in times of crisis, including psychological, social, and financial management. (
4- Support in the regions: Various campaigns were undertaken including food distribution (over 1000 meals per day), medicine distribution (4000 boxes of medicine) (,
5- Financial aid campaign: USJ launched various fundraising campaigns to help students that are unable to pay their tuition because of the crisis:

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.