Tawfeer International is a discount concept for FMCG retail where the consumers find all their basic shopping needs at cheapest price in the market.

Tawfeer International serves the Lebanese market through its existing nineteen branches in Beirut and South Lebanon Districts and is currently expanding its geographical presence to assure serving customers throughout Lebanon by providing them highest quality products at the cheapest price.

Third party’s statistics proved that Tawfeer International has the cheapest shopping basket in Lebanon.

Tawfeer International which is the first chain of discounter stores operating in Lebanon is one of the Lebanese Subsidiaries of Bitar Group which in turn is:

  • A Group that is 75 years old with two headquarter offices one in Switzerland that serves around eighteen countries in the European Union and the other in Lebanon that serves Africa and the Middle East.
  • It is one of the leading worldwide rice trading companies
  • Its scope of operations includes in addition to food items’ international trading the following: Agricultural Farms, Industry, Import, and Distribution
  • The group has another subsidiary in Lebanon namely Bitar International, one of the biggest importers of food items to the Lebanese market