Maintain safe, suitable and sanitary work facilities for our employees and clients

Diligently apply our HR policy to ensure that our employees are protected from workplace harassment, including physical and verbal abuse

We have worked on gender equality among the team and we are currently 50% women and 50% men

Ensure that the company does not participate in any form of illegal practices whether labor related or other, especially with the current financial challenges during which we are ensuring our financial transactions are all compliant to the official rates and laws

Ensure that our employees are well rewarded for their performance, based on well defined KPIs.

Ensure that employment-related decisions are based on relevant and objective criteria, which are directly linked to the company’s strategy.

Trained all team members on our recycling methods for all plastic and paper items used in the premises of the company

We are using only led lights in the office

We are using an eco-friendly printing system by recently introducing an ink free (laser) printing machine and by printing double sided only when necessary and black and white when possible

We have substituted the hard copy training booklets with digital material sent to all attendees

We encouraged all employees on the proper use of electricity in the office

We have replaced the use of plastic cups with ceramic mugs for visitors and

Our CSR Activities

We have created a series of free roundtables to support SMEs and Individuals overcome this situation and turn it into an opportunity for growth (i.e. Accessing international markets, creative thinking, compliance to labor law, how to ethically deal with

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.