Nucleus Ventures

Nucleus Ventures

Nucleus Ventures builds innovation ecosystems where startups, innovations, and people thrive. We enable our NGOs government, corporate and academic clients to build a 21st-century workforce and to seed high growth startups through two programs:

·       Workforce as the exclusive Partners of Woz Global, a leading US Coding Bootcamps established by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, delivers Tech education boot camps in a large number of certified, in-demand, hybrid learning courses with hands-on soft skills training, led by highly skilled instructors. Offering:

o   Woz U programs in AI/ML, Data Science, Cybersecurity, full-stack web development

o   Apprenticeship and Job opportunities

o   Spot allocation of specialized tech Resources for 3d parties through our tech pods

·       The Nucleus – Seed Incubation Programs: The Nucleus is an innovative enabler that nurtures entrepreneurs and springboards self-managed entrepreneurial communities, through world-class startup and technology transfer programs and hybrid workspaces, across different sectors. Offering:

o   Startup seed incubation and early-stage acceleration programs that offer cash, mentoring, and execution support.

o   Technology transfer programs to commercialize applied research in STEAM areas.