SDG 5, Gender Equality: WEP Signatory; Women on Board (LLWB) signatory; Speaker at several Women Conferences (AUB, ESA, Amman with UN Women); Pilot study on Gender Equality Diagnostic in companies (LLWB, ILO; Introducing women in roles from which they had been excluded before; Ensuring women representation at all hierarchical levels; equal pay; Equal opportunity for promotion; Part-time scheme; Flex hours; Special earlier return home during 1st month after maternity leave for breast feeding purposes; philatelic events around Women Empowerment and Women Pioneers.

SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth: Full legal compliance; Rights and Benefits to all; Possibility for unpaid leave to accommodate emergencies; responsible citizenship program (sorting and recycling; road safety; child abuse; drug awareness; social media addiction; etc.

SDG 16, Peace and Justice Strong Institutions: Positioning of LibanPost as a third party counter between the citizens and over 14 Ministries and Public administrations to improve public service level, reduce corruption and contribute to process reengineering and public administration reform; Initiating important equipment acquisition and software development to offer new services to assist the Lebanese authorities with validating refugees’ presence; Liaising with several NGOs including the WFP to facilitate disbursements; etc.

SDG 17, Partnerships to Achieve Goals: LibanPost’s Chairman selected Goal17 Leader in SDG Council; Partnership with the LTA to raise awareness about the importance of public private partnerships in Lebanon; Participation in several workshops and conferences around PPP; Hosted a national event to discuss PPP challenges and issue recommendations for proper implementation, in cooperation with the UNDP, the World Bank/IFC Group, representatives of political parties, unions, and the civil society; Multiple MOUs with various international organizations, companies, NGOs, Ministries, Public Administrations, etc. for better governance and public service rendering; Partnering with various startups to help them mature and launch their products and platforms.

Our CSR Activities

Despite the crisis, the company decided to maintain its full staff with full salaries; Launching of a market place to promote lebanese gems (crafts, culinary specialties, designs, etc.) and help them sustain their inheritage and creations especially in rural areas; further services being offered to manage refugees' influx; accompanying the monetary crisis by ensuring payments in various currencies; collecting clothes to be distributed.

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.