Lebanese National Energy

Lebanese National Energy

Founded in 2017, the Lebanese National Energy is a non-profit civil society organization aimed at national, social and economic development. 

As local drivers of change, we seek to achieve the necessary positive transformation as envisaged in the UN 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and beyond. 

We believe that only through empowered, informed and engaged local communities a  national partnership for recovery, economic growth and social development can be achieved. 

Trusting the Lebanese human capital and its capacities, we acknowledge that only through its development, as a principal national resource, brain drain can be reversed. 

Grassroot-driven and realistic, we admit that all the issues Lebanon is currently confronted with cannot be addressed simultaneously. Therefore, we concentrate on core sectors where our expertise and contribution can make a real difference.  

We have purposefully selected to exert efforts on technical and vocational education and training; food security and agriculture; sustainable livelihoods; and social cohesion and citizenship; as part of an extensive study where we can add real value. 

A holistic and collective approach is in the mindset of our development efforts. Through a wide system of local and international strategic partnerships (municipalities, vetted non-profits, agencies, donors, public institutions, etc.), we endeavor to alleviate complex needs and challenges which local communities across Lebanon are facing. 

We positively contribute in the shaping of our Nation by propelling its diversity as a source of creativity and development. As such, the partnerships we have created to date will amplify towards a stronger social cohesion transcending differences into synergies. 

Our team is composed of professionals from different fields rooted in the civil society, public and private sectors, with local, regional, and international expertise.