Lebanese Autism Association

Lebanese Autism Association

In alignment with SDG3 on Good Health and Well being, the LAS mission is to advocate for the rights of individuals with Autism and to provide them and their families support and services, from early childhood to adulthood.

In alignment with SD4 on Quality Education, LAS commits to providing the best quality educational service for individuals with Autism and to escort them throughout all the stages of their life. The LAS targeted the following areas since 1999:
-Early Diagnosis and Intervention emphasizing the development of highly structured, specialized educational programs tailored to the individual needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities
-The promotion and support of the social integration of children and teenagers with Autism
-Building capacities of professionals and institutions providing services to children with Autism in Lebanon

In alignment with SDG 10 on Reduced inequalities, LAS strongly believes that individuals with Autism should be included in the least restrictive environment, from childhood to adulthood. Individuals with Autism have the right to be integrated in the society in all the stages of their growth, from schooling to job opportunities.
One of the most important mean to reach that goal is to spread awareness among the Lebanese Society in regards to Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In alignment with SDG17 “Partnership for the goals”, the LAS established partnerships with different organizations, locally and internationally to implement all the global goals.

Our CSR Activities

The Lebanese Autism Society mission is to provide services and care for individuals with Autism in Lebanon. It is part of our responsibility. But we are open to help in any way we could in our domain.

working on the goals below

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