Terroirs du Liban is a social enterprise part of Fair Trade Lebanon.
Our Objectives:
1. Providing access to market for producers and rural women cooperatives
2. Promoting Lebanese food heritage
3. Providing high quality products with authentic recipes
The brand offers more than 70 products based on the expertise of Lebanese producers and prepared in a traditional way by rural cooperatives.
By doing so, we work hard at improving the livelihoods of the most disadvantaged people living in rural Lebanon, help them stay in their home land and live in dignity from their income.

Our CSR Activities

We have launched a campaign #StandForLebanon to alleviate the impact of the crisis by safeguarding economic activity and ensuring food security for the most vulnerable. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to protect 150 jobs and distribute food baskets to sustain the needs of 100 families per day for 3 months. By supporting the Stand for Lebanon campaign, you are helping to build a sustainable local economy and protect jobs in Lebanon. This is the first step in a process to not only survive the current crisis, but more importantly in building the foundation for long term success.

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.