Chronic Care Center

Chronic Care Center

The Center provide son yearly basis more than 2500 persons with Insulin dependent Diabetes and Thalassemia with a high quality therapeutic surveillance, a strict medical follow-up and a regular psychosocial orientation under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team of specialized doctors, nurse educators, social workers, a dietitian and a psychologist. it. The Center has offered them also with the necessary medication and material needed for their treatment.
A 24hr support hot line is at the disposal of the patient with Diabetes
A Bone Marrow transplant program is sponsored by the Center to provide eligible patients with Thalassemia with permanent cure.
An echocardiography service was introduced in 2019 to provide patients with high quality free service since cardiac complications are common and cause of death in patients with Thlassemia.

We are indirectly decreasing inequalities among citizens and decreasing poverty by sponsoring the comprehensive medical treatment.

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