Beyond Group

Beyond Group

Beyond Group is an multinational consulting firm with representation in Cyprus, Germany, Georgia, and Lebanon serving partners and clients in Europe, SWANA, and the Caucuses

The group brings together a diverse team of individuals to deliver multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral services through its three change-driven practices; Public Policy & Management, Organizational Learning & Development, and Innovation & Technology Integration.

We collaborate with governments, donors, multilateral agencies, civil society organizations, communities and academic institutions around the world to design and realise integrated solutions, responding to local needs while capitalizing on global knowledge and partnerships.

We believe in Meaningful Consulting; a journey that aims at achieving deep change within governments, organizations and communities. Throughout our collaborative journeys, we understand Meaningful Change to be a human-centered endeavor that seeks deep rooted transformations at the level of ideas, systems and practices.

Beyond Group also convenes a global alliance of like-minded organizations and consultants through its international partnership program: The Circle.

Relying on our capacity to navigate between local specificities and global knowledge, we build lasting partnerships, innovate policies and systems, and empower people and organizations to become more agile, innovative and responsive to the needs, challenges and opportunities presented by today’s shifting world.

Our CSR Activities

* Improving labor policies to ensure employees' well-being and financial sustainability with the current country situation, in addition to setting new Parental Leave Policy, and having a kids-friendly office
*Implementing Pro-Bono Projects for NGOs to support their cause
* Corporate policies that benefit the environment such as Recycling our waste, minimizing our waste, our energy use, and paper consumption

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.