Alfa was awarded ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management by the certification body Groupe AFNOR accredited by COFRAC in December 2018
Alfa was awarded ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety for Occupational Health and Safety by the certification body Groupe AFNOR ccredited by COFRAC in December 2018
Alfa was awarded ISO 39001:2012 certification on Road Safety Management in November 2017 and is constantly raising awareness of this subject through campaign on Social Media
1st of its-kind e-waste recycling in Lebanon through the shipment of more than 400 tons of obsolete electronic waste to Sweden for proper recycling as per international standards
Sorting and recycling of recyclable waste at all Alfa premises

Ranked 4rd in the Arab world & 26th worldwide in 4G network speed
We moved from 2G to 3G+, 4G & 4G+ in less than 5 years
1st VoLTE live call & the first 5G experience in Lebanon at a 25 Gbps record speed
Alfa Sports app
Competitions for young innovators such as Alfa and Ericsson IoT Award

Alfa 4-Life CSR program: Alfa 4-Life focuses on improving the lives of Children and People with Iron Will, through special care and skill-building initiatives. Since 2006, Alfa 4-Life has supported a number of Lebanese NGOs such as LAS, SOS Children Village, Acsauvel, SESOBEL, FAID, LSBD and AFMM
Advocating the use of the denomination of People with Iron Will instead of people with special needs by Alfa’s chairman and CEO on several platforms, the latest of which being the United Nations. Exceeding the quota of 3% of People with Iron will employment while providing them with physical and e-accessibility for optimal integration and performance

Our CSR Activities

A food donation campaign was launched internally amongst Alfa colleagues for the benefit of Les Enfants de Lumieres to feed 260 Lebanese families in need during the Christmas Season
Launching monthly donation SMS campaign on 1004 short Code by Alfa 4-Life for the benefit of the NGOs supporting people with Iron Will reaching Alfa subscribers. To note that subscribers can constantly donate through our donation platform Give 4-Life available on Alfa app and Alfa website

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.