Corporate Governance Workshop

Last Thursday, February 22nd, the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon and the Institute for Finance and Governance (IFG) at ESA Business School hosted a one-day workshop on corporate governance with over 30 companies in attendance.

Following opening remarks by Hadi El-Assaad, General Secretary of the IFG, and Deenah Fakhoury, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon, the workshop covered key governance concepts, with a particular focus on transparency and accountability, and delved into the role of a well-structured board as well as the business case for good governance.

Through insights from governance experts Badri Meouchi, Yasser Akkaoui, and Philip Black, participants gained a deeper understanding of corporate governance and its importance for the sustainability and viability of organizations down the line. They also had a chance to share ideas and best practices amongst themselves.


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