Building Resilience in the Face of Risk: A Panel Event

On November 3rd, UN Global Compact Network Lebanon Executive Director Ms. Deenah Fakhoury spoke at a panel event held by Securite Assurance and Kristieslab on how companies can build resilience in uncertain times.

Alongside other business leaders and industry experts, Ms. Fakhoury spoke on how the UN Global Compact enables organizations to move forward on sustainability and how this contributes to enhanced resilience as well as the ability to future-proof their business. She also shared her experience on how Boards of Directors and good governance can help companies strengthen resilience through strategic planning, risk management, and capacity-building for adaptability.

“Whereas resilience was the Lebanese people’s strength, it has started to carry a negative connotation as too much adaptability is hindering changes in the root causes of the patterned circumstances we keep on going through,” said Ms. Fakhoury as part of her remarks.


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